12 comments on “Juggling The Jigsaw Puzzles Of July (Part IV) : 90,000 Enchantment Hits On “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Part II)” Premiere @ Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur!

  1. I like the feeling of coming here. With the song from enchanted, feels like fairy tales…… i loveeee harryy!

  2. Farhana : I was shocked! I don’t understand why people want to cut-and-paste? if they are not good in English? why would they want to show to people? Just write in language they are comfortable with… sigh 😦 thanks for the info…

    • Exactly. Actually, a few months before this, she copied about 10 or so of my posts, a bit freaky actually because she also changed my friends’ names and put her friends’ names instead. She copied a lot of other people’s posts too, despite being given told off several times. I really don’t know what’s her problem. Sigh 😦

      Nice post by the way! Harry Potter is forever and always going to be awesome! 😀

      • Thanks..it’s actually a revelation. OMG! I can’t believe that someone would stole entry about Harry Potter. It’s trivial but I felt being robbed! Before this, my pictures have been stolen couple time, but this time, my blog pulak. wow!

  3. Ah,… aku masih ingat time hang masuk The Star!

    BTW, neat way to write something personal in the book. Kinda keep you in track. But I guess it work well coz HP has 7 books. Kalau satu buku ja, then cant see much of the timeline

  4. Lutfi : hahahahaha konon2nyalah padahal muka je masuk..badan tak masuk The Star langsung hahahhaha! Yea, the timeline of my life etched in Harry Potter! lolx 🙂

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