11 comments on “Juggling The Jigsaw Puzzles Of July (Part V) : Miss Sarah Salleh, A Copycat!

  1. kesian…. i tgk dah the blog.. dia takde personal experience yg menarik kot utk dikongsi sampai kena pinjam “criter” orang lain…hahahahaha.. LOSER!

  2. Uh, I’m attracted to drama like a moth to a flame. Keke.

    Shahrill, dah delete dah.But thanks to Google cache, I manage to take a peek of the fuss 😉

  3. Azlin : tau takpa!!!!!!! memang geram dan bengang kan? susah kita karang, dia main CUT-and-PASTE je!!!!!!

    el : agree! so loser!!!

    Am : hahaha I know you do! Thanks mate for everything. In this time, we need IT expertise like you all the way from United Kingdom to save the day 🙂

  4. hi! nice blog u have here! actually, i am just googling about sarah salleh (stalker)haha. as she claimed herself a medical student at trinity college, when she knew we are studying in dublin, she told us a different story. well, we are so curious, tht drives us to investigate further about her. n she’s just fake! all lies.

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