5 comments on “Aidilfitri 2011 (Part I) – The Treats/Self-Pampering: Violet & Peach “Baju Melayu” With Androgynous Scent Of Burberry’s “The Beat”!

  1. >>> Congrats!! …..really amazing and touched with the international and Malaysian notes,words n beautiful pics. You love to write and your time spent on this blog are worth yr effort.

    Well……you really loved her pics (Angie)…..and your life spending at school n with students. It’s was great life ……..tak tahu ape nak cakap lagi…….thanks so much for having u as my friend, at least I can learn and pick up some or more from you……..Keep on writing if you have free time. By the way auntie nak panggil Shahrill nama ape eeh? Shah or Rill?…..hehe2…Anyway Take Care ya…

  2. kinky : lol!

    Maybelline : wel..it’s Burberry! lol

    Roslan : ya…kadang2/sekali-sekala 🙂

    Nik Anisah : thanks Aunty! you can call me Rill or Cikgu if you want that. whichever suits you! thanks for visiting the blog! 🙂

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