6 comments on “100,000 Jubilee Views! “All Your Love”, Siti Nurhaliza’s English Album Debut.

  1. AFTER 13 super successful Malay albums, sensational singer Siti Nurhaliza is finally making her dream come true and cut her first English album All Your Love.

    The singer, who has won more than 200 local and international awards described the album as her most ambitious work to date, collaborating with internationally renowned music personalities

    With Sean Kingston, she did a song titled Remember You. She also worked with Richard Furch, a seasoned mix engineer who has worked with Grammy award winning singers such as Prince, Macy Gray, Usher, Whitney Houston, Outkast and Katherine McPhee.

    She also collaborated with Eddie Schreyer, a master sound engineering known for his work with Lady Gaga, System Of A Down, Kanye West and many other famous singers.

    Featuring 10 songs, the album will showcase a more diverse Siti Nurhaliza.

    The cover of the album showed an Andy Warhol influence with its brightly coloured hues and stylised portrait of the singer.

    All Your Love has been in the market since Sept 24 and have sold 3,000 copies so far.

    The album is released under the What’s Up Entertainment label which is run by 21-
    year-old Adib Khalid, Siti Nurhaliza’s step son.

    Adib is the second child of Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa from his first marriage. In a Q&A, Siti and Adib tells the story of All Your Love.

    Why is the album titled All Your Love?

    Siti: The title of the album is dedicated to all my fans, friends and family who have showered me with their love over the years. Because of that, I want to make them proud by producing an album that is able to compete on the international stage. I hope the album will go beyond our local market and penetrate the overseas market.

    Did you cut this English album because you want to help your 21-year-old step son in establishing his recording label What’s Up Entertainment?

    It has been my dream to cut an English album since I started singing (16 years ago). I never had the time to realise this dream. So when Adib suggested an English album, I agreed immediately. He had arranged everything. He has many ideas. It is a great experience working with him. This is my first time working with foreign composers.

    Your fans mostly like Malay songs. Do you think your English album will be a hit among them?

    I did this album because I wanted to challenge my capabilities, pushing the boundaries. I want to get new experiences. I cannot always do the same thing. But sometimes, the success of an album also depends on luck. The album might be a great album but if the luck is not on your side, then the album will not be a success.

    Tell us your plans on marketing the album overseas?

    Adib: Our first focus is to establish the album in the Asian region first – Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The album is being produced by Bryan B who is from Australia. He will use his connection to penetrate the Australian market. We have many Malaysian students who are studying in Australia ,too. We are also using social networks to promote the album. Her songs could also be downloaded from iTunes as well.

    Now that you have worked with your step mum Siti, can you tell us some qualities you have discovered about her that you never knew before this ?

    She works very hard. She can sings for hours. Sometimes I can get tired but not her. I am amazed by her energy and her dedication.

    Is it difficult for you to give constructive criticism to your step mum?

    I do not interfere with the way she deliver her songs. So there was no way for me to give her any feedback on that. I let the creative people (album producer Bryan B) do that.

    Trivia on Siti

    * Born in Kuala Lipis, Pahang in 1979 and is the fourth child in a family of eight siblings to Tarudin Ismail and Siti Salmah Bachik

    * Comes from a musically inclined family. Her grandfather was famous violinist, her mother a local traditional singer and her brother, Saiful Bahri Tarudin, as well as her sisters Siti Norsaida and Siti Saerah are also singers.

    * At the age 12, she began learning traditional songs from her mother and performed on weddings and special occasions.

    * An active sports girl during her school days and represented the school in netball, hockey, handball and volleyball.

    * During her teens, she would help her mother sell “kuih” at the Ramadan bazaars.

    * Rose to fame when she won Bintang HMI (a talent show) at the age of 16. Immediately after that, she received four offers from four different recording companies.

    * At 19, she launched her own company Siti Nurhaliza Productions which acts as the official management production that handles and manages her schedules.

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