27 comments on “Inside The Iron Bamboo Curtain of Beijing @ Capricious China, The Land of Imperial Dynasties & Crotchety People!

  1. pesal blog ko ada lagu cina plak? terbaek bro….enjoy ko kat sane eee…bergamabr sakan..bila la aku nk sampai sane

  2. All : Thanks so much for the comments! Yes, the sceneries were nice ainiit? But the people were bit spoilers! Still…China is still a very mesmerizing in terms of culture and history 🙂

  3. sakit perut ketawa pasal scripted dramatis and also gadis-cantik-with-no-manners! LOL! mengembalikan memori… 🙂

  4. Rahimi : hahahaa yes sure! 🙂

    Azlin : hahahhaa taw takpa babe! hehehhee muka cantik tapi prangai mcm ****! 😛

    Tim : yes it was. scenery is top-notched! But the people-wise is a bit turn off 🙂

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