7 comments on “The New Year 2012 Resolutions & Nadia Akwal’s Bollywood Wedding Glitz @ JW Marriott, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur!

  1. Such kind words Shahrill….Thank you so very much. Please do visit us anytime you are around the neighbourhood….u dont have to wait for hari raya ok !! .a friend of Nadia is a friend to ours too….anytime u come knocking on our door, u will be welcome with a smile….take care and may Allah SWT bless you with lots of love and happiness from your family, friends and all around you…..and with lots of money too….take care always….aunty Sabia and uncle Akwal

  2. Sabia : oh my Aunty, you read this? Now I am embarrass! hhahaaa….But yes sincerely it was a nice commotion and I remembered the friendly welcoming during the Open House. Thanks so much for the blessing words Aunty. I also pray that your life will be graced with blesses and happiness, Insya ALLAH! 🙂

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