6 comments on “Qiyamul Lail 2012 @ SK Serendah : A Night With Ustaz Zamri From “Mantop Consultancy” / Fuelled By Faizal Tahir’s “Gemuruh” / Becoming A Nanny & A Patrol.

  1. Nazri : hehee..sebenarnya nak tangkap dengan dia sorang tapi segan hehehehee…

    Azhar : hahaaa..I am sorry Cik Azhar but I didn’t see him. But I am sure him as an A student won’t mimic any cries…probably straight from the heart, no? 😛

    Bebe : Yeah..the HQ apparently is in Rawang…not far from Serendah 🙂

  2. Salam.
    I was teaching in Sk Serendah for a very long time ago, may i know who are you actually? ( Mr Sharill Ramli) your English writing is so superb! I was teaching English there,, well I am really amazed with your English writing proficiency. Are you a TESL graduate before? Where and how did you pickup the accuracy and consistency in your English writing? I am TESL degree holder, but then I do not have good English writing skill..if you dont mind, would you quide and advise me on how to improve English writing skill. Thank you.

  3. Zack : Salam. I am teacher in SK Serendah…this happens to be my third year in the school. Posted since 2010. I am not a TESL graduate. I used to do Microbiology and I am now a Science teacher as well as English. I used to work as banker before moving to education line. Awww, you flattered me with your kind words! I am still learning and believe me, there are so much flaws in my writing! Definitely not a Queen’s English! I guess, read and read and read helps very much! 🙂

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