8 comments on “Zealous Phase In Teacher’s Calendar (Part I) : Night Cruise @ The Mines Wonderland & The Open Day @ SK Serendah – Melancholies Of Dyslexia & Devoted Brother.

  1. Assalamualaikum..
    errmm,juz wondering..
    why r u seem so interested with angelina jolie..
    i’m sory but im juz curios abot it.
    it’s okay if u dont want to ans it,
    juz asking ^-^

  2. ^-^ : hahaa….let just say I share a lot of interest, way of thinking and same fetishes as her. And we are both under Gemini. So, that explains a lot on our complexity of facade and behavior 🙂

  3. Only that? ^.^?
    Im sory for bothering u such a childish question.
    Anyway,hapy fasting and rmdhn kareem,

  4. lol. No question is childish. It is au naturel nature to be inquisitive. That’s the nature of a question. never regard question as childish just to project an ‘adulthood’. It only ridicule the impression. Sure. Have a blessed Ramadhan.

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