7 comments on “Zealous Phase In Teacher’s Calendar (Part III) : Aerobic “1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia” & The Power Of Mother’s Love (Disney’s-PIXAR “Brave” Premiere, Sister’s A Pregger! Missing Beloved Pupil From Serendah To Sungai Petani!).

  1. SHOCKING! Read and shared from your Facebook bro… Good that he got a caring teacher like you.

  2. Rani, Nostradamus, Bebe : Alhamdulillah he is safe and sound. But it is disappointing to read few comments from the shared news for relying on the hearsays and gossips rather than being relieved that the boy has been found. Nobody knows the REAL STORY and let it remains as that. Let the parents have space. They have suffered enough to having their son lost and now public wants to say BAD THINGS without knowing them? They are parents who love their son very dear. Always lavish him with love. And it’s SAD TO KNOW hearsays saying bad things.

    I am hoping that STOP ALL THOSE BAD WORDS. They are good parents. Let’s just be relieved that the boy is safe…Amin

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