11 comments on “Savoir Vivre, The Knowledge Of Life : Iftar @ Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC); “Dark Knight Rises” Premiere; London Summer Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony & “The Life Of Pi” By Yann Martel!

  1. People will be curious on how Ang Lee is going to adapt the film…but surely only tiger on the boat but no other animals as in the novel, no?

  2. The novel is very brilliant….I love the way the author mould the characters…..the plot and theme is fresh.

  3. Chris Bale is so hot I could have eaten him alive! marion cotillard was lucky for having steamy scene…………..

  4. Assalamualaikum there… 1stimer here. What a blog! Love your style of writing!… Definitely gonna be a regular here…

    Btw, been to that eatery at PICC before, as I can remember,there’s not so much to shout about,& I agree with you that it’s quite OK tho…

    Haven’t watched that movie yet… Anne Hathaway is one of my favourite actress there in Hollywood… She is indeed very sweet & beautiful… 🙂

  5. dudu : awww… thanks 🙂

    Hanih : Waalaikumussalam… Thanks for your kind words. Yeps, on the PICC note, nothing outstanding to be clapped about but yes, it is OK. And yes, Hathaway is beautiful, a swan – a far cry from her Princess Diaries’ days..:)

    Benjamin : Yes, that’s what I heard. Can’t comment much as I am still in the process of completing reading it. Kinda obsessed and possessed by it.:)

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