7 comments on “Happy 55th Independence Day, Malaysia! : The Poisonous Virtual Viruses.

  1. I think the historical fact needs to be cleared. Independence day and Malaysia day is different. That has to be clear first in the first place. All this while the emphasis was on the 31st aug 1957 as Malaysia independence day. If we check the facts, Malaya gained independence.on that date, sabah also.on that date but in 1963 and Sarawak gained independence on 22nd July 1963. That means. there are 3 desperate dates with 2 of them falling on the same day but in different yrs. If we base on these historical facts, Malaysia isnt 55 yrs old. Malaya is. However, Malaysia will turn 49 on 16th September. In terms of independence, sabah n Sarawak are only 49. Why this somewhat became an issue? It’s because there is a growing awareness that it needs to be clear, that being inclusive means that if we celebrate as Malaysia, then it should be 49 on 16 Sept 2012. I’m not trying to argue with anyone about this but there are some facts that we learn during our history ledsons that probably needs to studied again and be made right. What the Malaysian Borneon wants is that they also be avknowledge. There are histories forgotten stories that were hidden from us that are resurfacing. Thrrefore, i think it is not wrong if I do wish Malaya happy independence day – 55yrs. Looking forward to Malaysia day, 16th Sept 2012, 49 yrs of the formation of Malaysia. If u want to persecute me, persecute the history, please. I’m mrrely reeducating myself n making it clear how Malaysia came about n the differences between the celebrations. Cheers.

  2. I guess nowadays people are becoming so open with their thoughts that it could jeopardize the harmony of country? Whatever you feel like writing down,you just write it and people will go angry and everything. That is the bad thing about Facebook if you ask me. Maybe it should be banned or monitored.

  3. Tony : Yeah Thanks so much! 🙂

    Kat : No I don’t persecute you. I just wrote what I felt. And I didn’t notice that you were writing about this as I saw another statuses from Sarawakians and Sabahan friends in the list. I understand the situation but I am just siphoning my thoughts from the perspective of a plain Rakyat. Understood that history cannot be re-written but why on circa Merdeka Day? Why not on January or so? But of course , these are unaswerable because we are thinking from different angles. But, of course as a supportive friend as I’ve always been, I respect the plight and persecutions faced by Sabahan & Sarawakian. Sorry if you felt offended but as a supportive friend as I’ve always been, I’d like to stress that I respect the fight but the motive behind it is a question for me.. why circa Merdeka? Still, this is an endless questions. Only the trigger of the issue knows it….so, sorry if you feel offended, chica.

    Bebe : Hmmm….could it be? I don’t know…should we vent on FB instead of the HUMAN????

  4. I hate the stupid replacing flag ideas….It’s not even worth to be call ‘idea’..It was just wasting their time since they have nothing much to do to benefit Malaysia…and they will never feel ashamed because they are all idiots.

  5. Juz : Indeed Couz….And to add the salt to the wound, they actually replicated the flag based on Indonesian’s Saka and Singaporean’s….!!!! I wonder where the patriotism lies??!

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