6 comments on “November Before Holidays (Episode II) : Master Of Ceremony (MC) For “Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan” SK Serendah, Hulu Selangor / 5 Brilliant & English Panel End-Of-Year Get Together!

  1. Aww,the sweet innocent smile of the kids can really make you feel relieved when you’re in so much of stressful moments,sounds fatherly enough?hahaha,btw, i know, being an MC, it’s super annoying to have last minutes changes,& then,ppl are gonna blame us to not being able to handle the program,& that they’re boring bla bla bla…haih,btw,reading thru your daily activites can really make myself as the reader feeling exhausted as well,my my my,your work,argh,I dunno how i’m going to manage if i’m in your shoes…

  2. Hanih : Yes indeed…they are innocent but sometimes can be quite rascals! Hahhaa..but honestly, they make my days when they do some funny comments or jokes…and some of them are clever try to sugar coat you when you are angry. Yes it is exhausted by it’s my career..and I love it… but yeah… being a Malaysian teacher is exhausting… 🙂

  3. I came to know this event only last night after I saw a cup received by my son, Muhammad Nur Ikhwan, 6 Active for his academic achievement in his bedroom. If I knew earlier then definitely I would attend to this event & snap photos as what I used to do in previous years.

    Very much appreciate if you could tag photos of this event into my FB. I will send request to you after this. TQ

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