13 comments on “Bloodbath Between “Aliyah” & “Nakba” (The Never Ending Reality Of Palestine-Israel).

  1. I like the way you narrated the ideas. On how you explained about the “Operation Pillar Of Defence” as well as the history of both Jews and Palestine. Good job!

  2. Miss Portman has spoken on the favour for the racist Israel. I am not sure that I agree with the idea that she is in ‘condemning the Israel’. The article was a response on the concept portraying Israel as ‘racist’ and despise the idea.

  3. Nik : Ya….tapi apakan daya? mungkin disebabkan takut tekanan ekonomi dan politik dari Amerika dan sekutunya Israel.

    Ridhwan : thanks so much!

    Dorothy & Tony : Yeah I agree with both of you. Perhaps she responded with the sentiment of her patriotism to Israel and in the response to the Crimson being critical towards Israel but she did highlight about ‘humanity irregardless the skin color and innocent lives”. But yeah, she is more pros to her Israel. No matter.

  4. Aisha : terima kasih atas kata-kata. Insya Allah! 🙂

    Clairbon & Hideaki : awwww…. thanks! I reallu appreciate the kind words!

    Syed : ohh… WordPress memang bagi sempena musim sejuk/salji menjelang Christmas setiap tahun. 🙂

    Mr. : aikkk? tu la maybe awak kena ada internet yang laju atau lama sikit kot..try refresh… tapi ntahlah…

  5. JERUSALEM—Over the past two days, Gaza militants have sent rockets deeper into Israel than ever before, raising the stakes of Israel’s own air campaign against the territory’s Hamas leadership.

    Death Toll Rises as Israel Escalates Attacks
    Failed Peace Effort Sidelines U.S.
    Civilian Deaths Shine Light on Israeli Tactic
    Israel launched its most aggressive airstrikes in 20 months on Tuesday, attacking at least 486 targets over the past two days in an effort to degrade Hamas’s arsenal, the military said.

    Palestinians have fired recently acquired long-range M-302 rockets for the first time, Israel’s military said. With a range of 93 miles, one of them struck Hadera, a coastal city between Tel Aviv and Haifa that is 73 miles north of Gaza.

    In the last major military confrontation between Israel and Hamas in November 2012, the rockets went only as far as the Tel Aviv area, about 40 miles from Gaza, and around Jerusalem, about 60 miles away.

    Hamas missiles are landing farther into Israel than ever before. Plus, Israel is drawing scrutiny over Palestinian civilian deaths in Gaza. WSJ’s Josh Mitnick joins Simon Constable on the News Hub with the details. Photo: Getty
    The newly acquired rockets put about two thirds of Israel’s eight million people into Gaza’s range of fire. That puts increased pressure on Israel to neutralize the threat.

    “We essentially characterize this as a game changer,” said Libby Weiss, an Israeli military spokeswoman. “The fact that there are 5 million Israelis that fall under the threat of these rockets poses a significant threat.”

    Israel’s air force, during the first two days of the operation, hit what it said were militants, rocket-launching sites, military equipment and smuggling tunnels.

    For the second straight day, air raid sirens wailed across Israel’s largest metropolitan area, Tel Aviv, and other cities and towns in central and southern Israel. Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepted at least 21 rockets on Wednesday, the military said.

    No casualties or major damage have been reported.

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