36 comments on “The Princesses Of Malaysian Folklore : Tales From Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang & Sarawak.

  1. maybe should go on a time travel and help Puteri Lindungan Bulan out of the hole using modern techniques am sure she will be pleased heh heh alex dubai

    • thanks Shahrill…..yes I know been to Langkawi etc to all these mythical places actually born in Singapore
      but working in Dubai……Singapore also have its Malay Legends Radin Mas etc which you might have heard

      love to help damsels in distress maybe they are just waiting for help like Puteri Lidungan Bulan and Puteri Gunung Ledang also who just disappeared………something like the Prince and the Sleeping Beauty heh heh

      just like Tengku Abdul Rahman and Mahsuri

  2. Yeah I know all about Tengku Abdul Rahman …..he was the founder of the Merdeka Football Tournament and the first President of the AFC……..me an ex goalkeeper

  3. yes selected for the junior and later senior I mean schools but was more on studies….was selected by George Suppiah the 1st referee from Singapore and Asia to referee in a World Cup. RAF Changi in Singapore where i grew up was a Mecca of Soccer and one of Malaya ‘s top striker Awang Bakar was from Changi in a place called Ayer Gemuroh. Changi had a colorful Malay community and i was close to them tho we were in the European sector of the RAF
    He died in 1964 during a match with at RAF Changi in 1964 me was kid then

    All about Awang Bakar

    RAF Changi in 1960s

  4. just an ordinary man like Malay culture traditions …..I was in KL in 2009 for the P Ramlee Show at the Istana Budaya was invited over by the Tiara Jacqueline the Malaysian actress of PuterI Gunung Ledang
    i love your info on the Malay princess will send mine on your email address of Malay stories too

  5. just send two classic World Cup matches to your email Brazil v England 1970…..Portugal v N Korea 1966…chk your mail

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