5 comments on “Friends From Childhood & Adolescents : We Have Changed. I Don’t Know You, Anymore.

  1. Oh my God, I love this one… For me, meeting back with an old friend can basically lead us to t wo things…Positive & negative…

    The positive one, you’re both genuinely happy to see each other & love to catch up with each other, love to talk about the past memories & don’t mind or annoyed when you call or pop up a chat on the internet… And the friendship blossoms thru time… & you’ll be very proud to call them your friend…

    As for the negative one, you both see each other & choose to just walk by like you never knew each other. Or maybe you guys have a chat full of mocking each other & you end up feeling hurt & wish you’d never had a friend like him/her…

    For me, meeting an old friend is an exciting thing because you can see how a person had changed & how us ourselves had changed…

    Interesting 🙂

  2. Hanih : yes true. That’s why I have make myself not to be too affiliated with them no more. It’s sad but if they can change, sure we can change as well. It’s all Quid Pro Quo. An eye for an eye.

    Nik & Bebe : benar……

    Darweena : Yes Couz. 😦

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