81 comments on “The Finale & The Filmography : Honouring Farewell Of Ex-Headmaster, Encik Zakaria Bin Ismail @ PULAPOL, Bukit Sentosa & Bewitching “Hansel & Gretel : The Witch Hunters”!

  1. Dear Che’gu Shahrill, salam to you.Looking at the farewell group photograph put up to accompny your article on the event what had really enthrilled me is the obvious female -dominated scene.Out of curiousity I just effortlessly made head-count on the number of staff in the photograph which totalled 58 altogether or may be more as possibly I missed out one or two guys for obscurely positioned or overshadowed by those standing infront.And out of that I figure out 18 being males.Wow! !!males outnumbered by the opposite sex overwhelmly by ratio of 1:3.Congratulations to Kaum Wanita for great achievements made by wanita in Malaysia.Kaum Hawa has really biten Kaum Adam in their own court.It goes without saying that they got more grey matter in their heads.or may be also they are more determined than males in pursuit of their ambition.Driven by motherly- instinct to excell in whatever their endeavour they are in.Hei!! ! Shahrill can you imagine what would the scenario be like in future come year 2050.Do you think males will be side-lined or infringed to the lesser important roles.? Don’t get me wrong.I am not a male chauvinistic.I am just trying to prophesy to peek into years ahead.No harm done. My God.May be most number of unemployed by then would be from the sector of kaum Adam.Indeed frightening scenario if it really happens. They have to themselves to blame for being that. What worry me if the trend goes on unchecked is that some of these unemployed males would be driven into anti-social activities.oh,please help, God forbid, to steer them in the right path before it is too late.Therefore teachers both males and females have great challenge before them to educate future malaysian as “dharma” product.By the way your presence in the photograph stand out prominently as one of most handsome -looking guys( not at all a thorn among the roses)among the many beautiful roses of the many species.Good luck brother Shahrill.sorry could not finish reading your nice article this time though I wish to as has got to rush for an engagement with other thing right now.salam.

    • Osman : hahhahaa well, it is not actually a shocking or alarming to know that education line has been congested with all the female educators. I guess perhaps the motherly-nature as well as the flexibility to engage/juggle with their wifey roles when they work as teacher. On the essence of Adams thronging the rehabs, I just don’t know what to say. It’s kinda sad seeing that but that’s reality bites. We should steer them back to the what they ought to be; that is to be the leader and take control of the management. Yeps, I am no chauvinist either; but if these to be rampant, it sure will jeopardize our significance in Malaysian society…

  2. Em, its really killing question isn’t it? well as western oriented minded myself i do really hope the question might not offense your emotion. I have been noticed your existence in Sk Serendah since few years ago. Till then, I keep asking myself who are you actually, and how excellent your English writing. The question on the matter you are gay or not is actually reflecting myself too, the very first time i met you , i was so impressed on your look! You are likely mix blood young and energetic cute boy who landed on the wonderful world of teaching. You look a bit girlish but….so adorable i ques hahahaha, and of course there are so many heart will melting down when meet you right?. I just want to express my greater respect toward your words of inspiration in your blog as you have constructed it in a very beautiful and creative way, therefore i am attracted to your English language writing that you have demonstrated precisely and excellently. Well , Mr Sharil Ramli nice to meet you and may god bless everything upon you, please believe me , you can step more further in your profession , think beyond on what you have and the ability that you could generate foe your own undertakings!!!! Bye

    • Hi. First of all thanks for the compliment. And yes about the sexual question, I myself is a very comfortable person. But I think you have chose the wrong platform to alleviate your curiosity as people in school once a while read this blog and they will jump into blind conclusion since not many are well versed in English. Well, to quench your thirst although I don’t even know you since you just put the mononym, I welcomed any one who are attracted to me. I know I am capable of atrracting both females and males. I am enjoying the attention. And yes, I am not a naive young boy who just work into becoming a teacher though my face seemed like that. I was an Assistant Relationship Manager in Affin Islamic for a year and half before I jumped into teaching. So, yes, I do have a corporate background. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your beautiful words – apart from the sexual boudoir πŸ™‚

  3. I am. I guess it’s all down to read, read and read a lot. Having an English-inducing school like Penang Free School in my teen years did help a bit. And I am curious. Do I know you? Who are you? Are you a Serendah resident? Parents? Teachers? lol

  4. Actually i am an English teacher in your area, are you TESL or TESOL degree holder? I hope you don’t mind of my appearance here. In many years of my career undertaking , i a feel a bit down on my English writing ability how would you view this brother Sharil? Can i know you as profession bond in up grading my sorrow and horror English writing?

  5. I am x Serendah hahaha, i cant tell you ….. they know me……i am very please to nite to chat with you at last<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< argggggggg so happy , i am your super duper bro in age,,,,,,, Kak Yan , Cikgu Zul fdli,,,,,Ros Normala, LELA……fAUZI AMIN……..pN rOBIAH……………USTAZ aZMAN……………….WE ARE TEACHERS!

  6. Unfortunately no. I am not a TESL graduate. I was a microbiology student back in USM. it’s OK; don’t be despair and lose hope. You can always improve yourself by reading a lot and experiment with words. I myself need to learn more from my seniors in SK Serendah in the art of teaching. I maybe good in writing but in teaching the pupils, I need to learn and learn. After all, learning niche never ends πŸ™‚

  7. oNCE Upon a time ,,,,,,,,,Serendah drawn sweet memories in my heart, i miss all that tears and joy, but what to do ya,,,,,,,,,everything change now. You know , i hope my English writing like you too bro

  8. You cant track me la my little brother, my name appear is not the real ,,,,,,,,haha, i am typing this in my house KKB. I met you near by SK 2 KKB, on that day i am on my way going to school , i think you were attended district competition accompanied your students. As IT savvy , as i saw you from my moving car………i said: this is the teacher with that power and superior English..

    • Hhahahaha of course that mononym isn’t your real name. But I have heard a few names that I never met but mentioned by teachers. You could be one of those names. Hahahhaa… you make it sound so dramatic! lol

  9. Sharil you are very young………and energetic……………….you should try English journalism……how old are you now? You are from Serendah ? or else where?

    • I am not that young anymore! I am 29 πŸ™‚ I do write once a while for USM alumni magazine and I do part time of translating academic paperwork for corporate figure and academians… hehehe

  10. hahaha,,,,,,,,,so nice chat with you,,,,,,i am so dramatic ?????/ hahaha i am English Literature addict,,,,,William Shakespeare……..Romanticism and Criticism hahhahah English hunter hahahaha

  11. I know what person you are, you have green aura that makes you a very good listener, comfortable and caring to the people around you especially your students right, very polite and soft hearted young man. You will very sincere in disseminating good friendship.

  12. You why i jump into your blog tonight, even i have knew you earlier, actually i am surfing SK Bukit Sentosa , suddenly your face interfere…..with Kak Ros Normala during GB Zakaria bid farewell at Pulapol,,,,,,,then………….here and now …………….we are on line TQ TQ TQ young boy.

  13. Hhahahaa… you could be wrong πŸ™‚ I maybe a green person but you never know the red patches within. I could be a kitty but there are claws underneath the furry legs πŸ™‚ I could a childlike, but who knows there is a kinkiness beyond? Hhahahaa πŸ™‚

  14. Usm make me think about my past time in Penang,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DESA siswa Permai,,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,but ia not usm graduand

  15. i hope can be your satu profesion kawan , i think you have so much special ,,,,,,tak macm myself…segan lah nak kawan. I hope we can be frieng here…….

  16. Hope can be friend here and to talk to you one day, and belanja you makan kat Batang kali hahaha ingat at the special place ker haha , very hampeh nya myself

  17. hai, how are you ? I think for the time being i should not introduce myself haha””” lets it be a bit secretive then. Sorry if you don’t like it, i will let you know and meeting you face to face one day perhaps hahahah…..it seems that the school holidays coming to the end , too fast as i don’t really feel of resting. On the 16 the administrators will their first internal meeting, then following our turns “teachers meeting 2014 on 23rd Dec 2013. I am counting days ,,,,,,,,,ages passed by I am getting older and older now,,,,,,,,what a life ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Please Allah remain my calmness. As for you my respective and cutest brother , take care your self bro Shahril Ramli,,,,Cayok!

  18. I am not quite anxious about nowadays technologies,,,,,,,,,,,i dont have FB just ordinary email and phone number, what is the best way to be your friend?

  19. Hhahahaa…you’ve gotta be kidding! I don’t buy what you are saying…Most people have FB now these days..even the veterans… lol. And I don’t meet strangers anymore; those darker days were past already. It’s OK. We can just be friends via net. No harms done. lol

  20. Eh …….really , please believe me. Therefore when i was at University my minor was ICT, you wont believe it right, my lecturer had disagree with me then. Emmmm………..now in my school they apointed me as the ict AJK…..huh, reflecting my university times……………..ict really killed me.

  21. No FB lah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let it go ……let it go………….. here i stand ,,,,,,, haha like your blog background song

  22. hai ……………………how are you dear bro,,,,,song background now changed ,,,,,,,,,,,di sekeliling mu ada dinding yang ,………………cinta dua cinta kau harunginya. I hope evrythings bring great to you then, school chaos waiting us right. I am quite confident that you are the shining diamond in Sk serendah. Keep a good work and smart doings folk! _witten on Thursday 20 Feb 2014.

  23. Sharil Ramli a polished diamond which striking the shine and the light of happiness and joys among the little hearts in school, the inner sincerity never resembles clearly, but the heart is always solemnly pledge the purity of hardship and loyalty of your face toward the road that you have taken.

  24. Dear Bro Sharill, i like this song, Gaza song aren’t you, may God bless all of us, jihad fisabililah, it remind me during my University life, there are at least 3 teachers graduated from the same University , there are now serving in your sk Serendah, there are Wahidah , the ustaz and the wife .They don’t know me , but I know them.
    Happy teaching Bro , take care yourself .

  25. Hai Bro Sharill , how are you getting on dear? hope every things go well ya. Quite a long time did not numb into your blog, Well, school chaos and everyday routines never permit me to step into your such lovely blog. Emmm…final year hectic abounding schools now, every body tend to cope last works before the submission end of the year tasks.

  26. Haha, that right laa, meeting people that you are not familiar with , errr could be harm to you right, Fb i don’t have dear, It’s ok Sharil

  27. 2015 already ya, times move so fast , getting older and older oh dear…life is shorter it seems. Nice song halo….. nice to hear those lyrics. I would like to dedicate two songs for you , first ” Just Give Me a Reason” the second song very meaningful for me , it touches my heard and soul , by Vanessa William “Save The Best For Last” listen it ok.

  28. Salam Sharil, such a long time i never heard about you there, how are progressing now? i hope everything goes very well. Last year i had received my APC after 16 years of teaching, it was quite surprised , finally it was given to me. Em, I am very sure that you already received yours..After a hard work and commitments you should deserved it. Sharil, never give up and give the best that you can , there are colours in this profession that sometimes striking you up and some times push you down brother. The time when you read my comments here, I have no longer teaching in this area, currently , I am now furthering my Master degree in TESL in a very established University . Emm….it was a hard decision I guess, leaving the school as my comfort zone after many years letting my hair down toward the hustle bustle chirping sound of the students.
    I am quite sure you have completed your Master’s degree recently isn’t it< it is not just to gain higher knowledge but it also help us to change our mind and gain self satisfaction.
    The HLP offers good opportunity to the teacher to develop their professional skills by supporting those who are interested to further their studies. I have a friend which is now in Sheffield university Uk completing his Master In Applied Linguistic and TESOL. His achievement of receiving the sponsorship had urge me to applied last year. He was an English teacher in SMK Hulu Tiram, Johor.
    I wish i could go to oversea too, unfortunately due to financial and personal matters , i have cancelled my toefl test registration ,,,,it was too expensive,,, and it was hard to get financial aids at the moment ,due t0 the economic down turn.

    Ok dear, I need to close my window now, the gloomy side out of my Kampus Kediaman is calling me to close my eyes, to relax my soul, I wish all the best for your teaching undertakings, I hope you will solemnly pledge to uphold the national education philosophy. Hehe.

    • Salam, I am glad that you finally receive the APC. No, I am starting my last semester now which is semester 4. I hope I can further my study after this. I can’t apply for HLP because I am not doing education. I am doing Corporate Communication and I want to be a lecturer in Communication. I guess no other choice rather than quit teaching and try to get offer from university.

      Amin, may the path is enlightened by ALLAH SWT. Good luck to u mysterious senior.

  29. Salam Sharil,

    I am not quite mysterious senior la hehehe, where are you now actually dear brother? no more in Sk Serendah? I am very sorry to appear in this such mysterious ya,,,, one day we will meet , InsyallAllah, but i have met you few times…..hehehe..but you don’t aware of it hehehehheh, I saw you face to face before lah….you also looked at me…tapi i just went off.
    I am shy enough to meet you after this…..if we are accidentally meet after this. K, take care ya,,i really sincere to know you.

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