6 comments on “Malaysian Parents Detained In Sweden : The Rights – Denial Of Parenthood Or Protecting The Childhood?

  1. i was googling for more info on this matter (keywords used: malaysian couple detained in sweden) and low and behold, your blog was listed in page 5 of the results page! say what???! well done weh! aku mmg dh jarang baca any sorts of blog la nih but this is a pretty impressive feat of yours. keep it up!

  2. Nahar : amin!!!!

    Elyas : itulah harapan saya juga..

    Nzard : awwwh, really? That’s cool. Now wonder found so many searches about this in my blog. Hopefully it will raise some red flag to Authorities or Global Citizens about the rights of the parents. Furthermore, the kids miss their parents for God Sake, right??!

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