5 comments on “Malaysia Airline MH370 (Kuala Lumpur – Beijing) Disappears? (Episode 15) : The Curious Case of Philip Woods @ Diego Garcia, The US Military Base?

  1. Great find, stompk.

    I’m hoping the passengers and crew are still alive. But I agree with the others above that this will probably be used to plant the evidences (bodies + plane parts) in the ocean. Then they’ll claim they “found” the plane, and that it was never at Diego Garcia at all. Especially since this seems to be a rush job, as you said. At this point, I can’t see how the people on the flight would be allowed to live.

    If enough people see what you found, and the 239 people are at Diego Garcia and still alive, maybe someone(s) will rescue them and/or blow the whistle, and they will be saved.

    One can only hope.

  2. Buluh : Yeah… I know! hmmmm

    Dr Dolittle : Amin….. indeed…

    Ariff : I know! And I hope that not only Malaysia to shoulder that. China is supposed to take actions as well!!!

    Queen Elsa : So sad if the conspiracy theorist were right… I don’t know…

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