9 comments on “The English “White Men’s Burden” Experience From London To Leeds : My Sister’s Traumatic Encounter With A White Trash!

  1. Daryll : It was!!!! But being a drunkard does not makes it a legit act to attack others or being xenophobic or Islamophobic!!! Seriously, very disturbing if the Brits are seeing this as a ‘normalcy’!!! So much of being a ‘modern’ country!

    Farid : tu laaa!! memang geram!!

  2. Though shockingly it happenef to your sis, cannot deny this happens anywhere and everywhere. Being a minority living in our own country me & my family though never experienced torments nor abusive provocations or harassments. However, I personally had experienced in other form of harassment. Cynical stereotype remarks on ethnicity like “oh chinese (i am Malaysian) do not clean themselves after doing their business”. “Ah moi”. ” Cina ni…blah blah” those are very degrading to us as Malaysians who are of Chinese ethnicity.
    This causes hurt and a deep wound not only in my heart but my whole self. Perhaps it isnt that horryfying as what your family experienced but I understand how they feel.
    I feel sorry for that bloke as he made himself a dumb S and a big Pr***
    For being a racist and insensitive towards another human being. Or perhaps he is a useless fart who feels sorry for himself and retaliates by bullying others. But not every bloke is this person. Just my POV .. So sad it happened to Fique 😞

    • Queen Bee : yes, I understand the xenophobia you meant. Certain Malaysians could be very discriminative but I am sure non of that every happened in a broad daylight in a library. Still, xenophobia is very much a stigma that needs to be toned down. Like what we perceived the Indonesians & Bangladeshis in our country, I supposed.

  3. Really ? Do you believe in what you write really ? or is it just to try and convince yourself ?
    Renaissance an imitation of Islam and China ?… Impressive!
    Never read such a hilarious concentrate of crap and historical bullshit…
    All that against “white men” though written in English, with a keyboard, on a computer, using electricity, published on the Internet (all of white men horrific inventions), etc etc… In an environment which has probably more in common with westerners than your traditional lifestyle right ? Not mentioning the Orwen background picture, says it all about your nonsense. And the frustration behind your demonstration.
    Think your problem is a huge inferiority complex, and the scared consequences of your sister’s bad experience with a drunk guy (believe much worse can happen than just being insulted like it happens one day or another to just EVERYONE OF US!!).
    So come back to Earth… And just send her to middle east to see how better it gets.
    Ultimately, check international statistics on violent deaths, looks like emerging countries and muslim activists are still very much on top of whatever horrors you may wanna mention, far beyond American’s Guantanamo, rednecks, white trash or your jealous hate of Europeans.
    Now for what happens in broad daylight over there, I’ve lived in a bunch of corners of the Earth so I can easily compare: when Europeans, Americans, Australians or South Americans gonna be straightforward with their opinions, Asians are mostly hypocrites until the moment they find themselves surrounded by like minded people, and then they become fierce haters. Such an individual courage and critical independent thinking is indeed brilliant and worthy of exemplarity.

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