6 comments on “The Tragic Tale Of An Untamed Tigress In Cage @ “Thing Of Beauty – The Tragedy Of Supermodel Gia” By Stephen Fried.

  1. When Gia Carangi was a child, she would get lost in department stores just to hear her name announced over the loudspeakers. Later, as supermodel “Gia,” she disappeared altogether, a casualty of the hard drugs and fast company that attend life under the strobe.

    In an era when models were meant to be anonymous, Gia was known: first for a freedom before the camera that revolutionized high-fashion photography, then for an unapologetic lesbianism that would sometimes disrupt or infuse photo sessions. More Muse than mannequin, Gia acquired epithets as if they were designer labels.

    She was a “cheetah” to the high-fashion photographers who reveled in her sensuality, a “puppy” to the make-up artists increasingly called on to cover up her needle marks. But Gia knew herself simply as a “dumb girl from Philadelphia,” and she refused to romanticize her ascent from the hoagy shop where she first worked to the runways of Paris and Milan.

    Cover girl, junkie, she ended as a pariah on the streets of Philadelphia where she had been “discovered” eight years before. It was there that she acquired her last, and saddest, epitaph: at age 26, Gia became one of the first women in this country to die of AIDS……..

  2. Diana Ross borrowed her jeans. Gia made the alternative dirty rock fashionable style. The 80’s and 90’s magazines plagiarized her.

    The book and the movie have touched me greatly. I’m young and i will never try drugs because of her. Gia Carangi educated me w/out having to meet me. I respect and love you, Gia Carangi.

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