5 comments on “The Tale Of The Kampung Malays’ Pride & Prejudice : “Rope Of Ash” @ “Rentong” By Shahnon Ahmad (Malaysian 2nd National Laureate).

  1. Memang suka tulisan Shahnon Ahmad. Teirngat masa study dulu baca buku ni. Selain itu ‘Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan’ pun menggamit hati saya. Walaupun Shahnon terpalit dengan SHIT, tapi karya agungnya memang tiada tolok bandingan.

    Satu lagi A. Samad Said. Teringat masa kecil dulu, anaknya Siti Senja pernah tinggal di area kawasan rumah saya.

  2. Hello. I want to ask if you have read Ranjau Sepanjang Jalan or No Harvest But a Thorn? I’m taking Malaysian Literature in English course for this semester at my uni and we have to find the English version of the book but it is so hard. So if you have, mind telling me where did you get the book? Thank you.

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