6 comments on “My Research Paper Presentation (Chapter 4 & 5) : Bridging The Knowledge Gaps Of Halal Polemics In Surburbia Serendah @ Benoit’s Image Restoration Theory (Malaysian Moslems’ Perception Towards Cadbury’s Image Repair & Its Halal Image).

  1. Hahaha….I like it that when you reverted the comments made by the panelists, your SV asked you to ignored them. yeah, just follow your SV’s direction.

    All the best!!

  2. Congratulation dear! I know you have been working so hard! Glad that everything is over. Strive for the write up and then you are done!

  3. Kopiah & Monsoon : amin thanks so much! Baru presentation saja. Write up blom lagi…tapi legalah sikit hehehe

    Red Sonja : Of course it was all academic discussion. The panelists overall did constructive comments to help us except one or two. I thought on whole it was good because during that session, we could see the flaws of our own research. As an amateur, I still need guidance. So I actually basking for their constructive guidance!

    doctor : amin TQ!!

  4. So cool that you combined the Willy Wonka’s strategy into your thesis’s suggestions! Well done mate!

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